As a stay-at-home mom who spends her days changing diapers, napping whenever possible, and regularly speaking in high-pitched, sing-songy baby talk, I sometimes think I can actually feel individual brain cells shrivel up and die. I’ll take intellectual stimulation wherever I can get it, including from this blog, my virtual time-out chair.

Have you seen the official photo of the royal wedding?

And, did you spot the uninvited guest?


Then take a closer look.


Yep, it’s a wiggly worm. A bright pink, fuzzy, wiggly worm. How did the photographer miss it? Or did he see it and simply appreciate the childishness of it? I don’t know about you, but I love that it’s there. It makes them all seem so much more real and normal. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, kids are kids no matter where you go. I love that about this picture.

Looking at that simple cheap toy that managed to wriggle its way into royalty reminded me of another uninvited guest in another photograph. Nothing famous, official, or royal about this picture, but it is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Squirt. Can you spot the uninvited guest?

Yep, it’s Zeus the cat. This was taken way back when, before I owned a digital camera. Surely, I must have known the cat was there when I took the picture, right? Maybe I did. I don’t remember. But I do remember my surprise when I got the roll of film developed and flipped through. I must have looked at this a dozen times before I actually realized Zeus was there. Now I wonder how I ever missed him. Look at his eyes! Look at HER eyes! I love this picture.

So, now it’s your turn.  Do you have any pictures featuring uninvited guests? Whether they ruined the picture, added a touch of humor, or vastly improved the result, I want to see it!

Email your uninvited guest photograph to and provide a brief description of the scenario.  I’ll pick some of my favorites to share on the blog so we can all laugh at each other’s unexpected moments.


  12 Responses to “The Uninvited Guests”

  1. When I graduated from Penn State, my parents were making me go all over campus to take pictures. I have one of me, somewhere, in my cap and gown, standing in front of Old Main, and *something* ran across right in front of my feet when Dad took the picture. I don’t remember if it was a squirrel or a rabbit but it’s right there in the middle of the shot. Now I’m going to have to dig that out……
    Non-Stop Mom recently posted..Battle of the Lawn

  2. HAHA! That is great! My kids love those freaking things. And the dogs love to eat them…
    Heather Reese recently posted..Absolutley Fcking SICK!!!!

  3. Oh this is SO fun! I love that you spotted that pink fuzzy worm in the royal photo! We ALL need those props for photos don’t we? This is a clever idea, and I cannot wait to see the fun photos. I better go see what I have! Thanks for the smile.
    Hands Free Mama recently posted..You Deserve A Day

  4. This is so true! Regardless of where they come from, kids will be kids. I’ll have to check out my photos and see if there are any uninvited guests lurking in the shot! :-)
    Eve @Beautiful Spit Up recently posted..Can’t We All Just Get Along

  5. I like that the royal pic is less than perfect. All that Stepford perfection needs a human element!

    I have a favorite picture of my brother and me… there’s a strange man in the background who looks like he’s heckling us… well, you’ll see. I’m emailing it to you!
    Barb Black recently posted..A Letter to the Departed

  6. The cat is so cute in the back of the picture. All you can really see is the eyes at first.
    Jessica recently posted..Another Recap

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